Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Do Unto

New book of 21 short stories. Available on Amazon $6 + shipping
Available on Kindle $1.50

Do Unto: A short story and twenty others
includes the following stories: Do Unto (2015), PO'd (2014), Tradition (2015), The Interloper (2013), Staying Put (2013), Camo (2013), Not It (2014), Ferris Wheel (2014), Burger, Fries and a Coke (2014), The Other Guy's Fault (2014), The Pickle (2014), Suspended (2015), Kerrville (2013), Saturday Morning (2011), Foul Strike (2015), See Some ID (2015), I Call Shotgun (2015), Rite of Passage (2015), Minding One’s P’s and Q’s (2015), Double in Tinder (2015), At the Gate (2015).

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Unloading: The early ESL stories
Available at Amazon
Kindle version coming soon

Unloading was originally published in 2005, and had ten stories in it; recently interest in those and other early stories sparked the desire to make them more available. The fourteen stories in this edition were all written before 2005, and most were used in ESL classrooms; two were online for years. They are now available here.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Noah's poetry

5 Years of Semantics, Noah's new poetry book, now available at CreateSpace.

Noah is my son. I make the exception to publicize someone else's book at my press because 1) it's good, and 2) he's like me, he doesn't have much of a publicity engine. He needs all the help he can get! But he's writing more, and doing well. Keep up with him here!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Short Stories

to pass
the time

Five Second Rule
20 Short stories

Available from Amazon ($4.59 + shipping)
Coming soon on Kindle

A Dozen Crime Stories
from a well-known, big-box discount retail chain

12 Short Stories

Available from Amazon ($4.27 + shipping)
and Kindle

Pile of Leaves:
Stories of a rake

17 Short stories

Available at Amazon ($4.29 + shipping)
and on Kindle.