Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Dozen Crime Stories

A Dozen Crime Stories from a Well-known, Big-box Discount Retail Chain was first printed in November 2007, and is being reprinted in 2011.

It consists of the following stories: Pass the Syrup, Have a Good Day, Inventory, Wee Hours, Road Atlas, Jack, Drop Off, Apple of her Mother's Eye, The Juggler, Customer Service, Free Parking, and Lord of the Ringers. All were written in 2007.

It is not politically directed at Wal-Mart, negatively or positively, but rather uses Wal-Mart as a central feature of American small-town life.

Its paper version will be available through Amazon soon.

The e-book online version will follow in spring 2011.


Unloading and nine other stories was the first collection of short stories, first printed in 2005.

It includes ten short stories, Unloading (2005), Choke and Cell (2005), Abstract and Concrete (2004), Three Friends (2000), Passion and Circumstance (2000), Schoolhouse, Reflection, Ruffi (2000), Faith of the Crocodile, and Superstition (2000).

Abstract and Concrete, Passion and Circumstance, and Schoolhouse were republished by the Ibn University Newsletter, Ibn University, Yemen. Some have been used as ESL reading exercises.

Unloading is available only in the print form; there will be no online form.