Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pile of Leaves: Stories of a Rake

Now available in paperback on Amazon:

Seventeen short stories $4.29
Kindle Edition $2.99
audiobook coming

Originally published in 2011, it includes some classics such as Through Train, Audience, and Hold the Pickle. The style is stark and free of frills and cultural innuendo, born of years teaching ESL.

Pile of Leaves: Stories of a Rake includes the following short stories:
Pile of Leaves (2008), Audience (2007), omg wtf tmi (2009), Freshly Doug (2008), Lion's Tale (2008), Good Provider (2009), Hold the Pickle (2009), Check Your Mirrors (2007),  Reasonable Doubt (2009), The Sun Sets on the Western Horizon (2008), Through Train (2006), The Old Home Place (2007), Big Mac and Fries (2008), House of Bricks (2009), Freedom of Speech (2008), Come What May (2009), and Night on the Town (2006).