Friday, June 28, 2013

A Dozen Crime Stories from a well-known, big-box, discount retail chain

Now available in paperback at Amazon ($4.27 + shipping) as well as Kindle.

These stories are entirely fictional, and have absolutely nothing to do with anyone's real-life experiences in this well-known store. Using the store as a comment on the nature of modern life can be considered a tribute to its well-established presence in our culture, but is not meant to either glorify or disparage the store itself. All stories were written in 2007. It was created in a number of self-printed copies, but that method of production and distribution was not working very well!

It consists of the following stories: Pass the Syrup, Have a Good Day, Inventory, Wee Hours, Road Atlas, Jack, Drop Off, Apple of her Mother's Eye, The Juggler, Customer Service, Free Parking, and Lord of the Ringers. All were written in 2007.

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